Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good times! I have an appointment with my Doctor. At least, I think she'll be my doctor.

Wants me to have a dating ultrasound prior, but I don't want to. Especially not at the ultrasound clinic they want to send me to. Not good times. Bad experience there. I want the Women's Hospital, so they're trying to get me in. We'll see.

I'm just happy I finally have an appointment, time to get this rollin'!

Boobs even MORE sore. Like mad.
Still can't use the bathroom.
Still no appetite (had breakfast at 10am then nothing until 9pm tonight and it was only a tuna sandwich. Just no appetite. I know, I know, I've got to eat, but the thought turns my stomach. Which brings me to....)
Not nauseaus at all. Not whatsoever. But.. as above, the mere thought of food makes my stomach turn. Not nauseaus, just don't want to eat.

All for now.

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