Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 6, Day 3.

When do you stop counting the days, I wonder? After the first trimester? Whatevs....

So, weird dreams still, but they're always fun to recall and try to figure out what they are about. I'm a full believer in dreams leading you along your path, so I do pay attention. I also dream things that happen in the future, so that's kinda cool. Although I highly doubt I'll be living in Marge Simpson's blue jello hair in the Jetson's pad in outer space... but you never know.

Nanu Nanu.

Last night, very quickly, I dreamt that I made a purchase and the clerk gave me too much money back. 100.00 back actually. 100.00 too much. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I should say anything. I stopped to turn back to go to the store again but decided against it. I thought, "hey, if the universe wants to reward me with money, so be it!" and I walked away. But 1 block down the road I was consumed with guilt, because it's just not who I am. So I went to turn around and go back to return the money and I woke up.

Fast forward to 12 noon today. I'm at a store, buying razor blades when I'm over-charged. "The sticker says $10.99" I say to her. So she dashes over to the razor blade section and comes back and instead of taking $0.50 off the price, she takes off $10.00. I totally did not say anything, but then a few seconds later I couldn't do it. It's just not who I am. "Um, I think it should be much more than that actually, I think you discounted too much."

"Oh no", she says, "if we mess up, you get 10.00 off.


Karma, gotta love it.

In this case, anyways.

So, the symptoms are changing a bit. I'm not nauseous over the past few days, so that's friggin' GREAT. So happy about that!

I got rather emotional out of the blue yesterday morning. Was totally bawling over something very very small. Felt good, but unnecessary. Here we go, I suppose.

And I have swollen ankles.

OK OK, no I don't. That doesn't happen till the end I don't think. What's happening, is that I had a coffee date earlier thismorning and wore heels for the first time in a while and that's what happened. Sore feet. Not because of the pregnancy, because I'm not used to wearing business clothes that often now that I work from home.

Such a drama queen.

Last night I'm walking downstairs and I say to the cats, "You know, I'd feel much better if I could poop." Only to realize that our tenant could here me through the vent. That's the only place where we can hear a bit of each other, and that's what he heard me say. FRACK. (Frack, in case you're not aware, is the Battlestar Galactica word for f***. I don't want to put the eff-word on here, even though I use it alot, because I'm thinking of putting ads up and I don't want them to be x-rated.) He doesn't know we're pregnant, only you know, so it's rather embarrassing.

Although for some reason I'm not embarrassed telling you that I can't poop.

All for now.

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