Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 7!

Feels good to be here. I'm 1/2 way to when we can officially tell everyone. Although we ARE going to wait as long as possible. Until the time comes when I can see it in people's eyes, "Is Stephanie pregnant, or just a little weight gain goin' on?". (We announced it at week 13 last time only to find out at week 14 that the baby had died... so we want to wait as long as possible to ensure everything is as it's supposed to be.)

  • Nausea? Completely gone. Good times.
  • Appetite? I have one again. Nothing too crazy, but at least I feel like eating.
  • Boobs? Sore.
  • Energy? Not exhausted by any means, but I do get a little tired mid-afternoon. A 20-minute nap brings me back to life.
  • Constipation? Still going on. Onto the prune juice now, and tonnes of fruit and water each day. We'll see how that goes.
  • Cravings? None.
  • I'm a bit lazy, but I think it's because of Vancouver's shitty weather this year. No sunshine. Doesn't exactly make me want to do any gardening, or really even leave the house.

Here we are:

How cute is he??!!

I couldn't get over this picture. I started to bawl. I can't believe that this is inside of me, that this is going on inside of me. It's wild. It makes me realize that fighting with my husband over the size of the mattress we bought is really kinda foolish. I mean, I'm growing arms and legs and eyes and organs inside of me for crying out loud. There's more important things going on than the size of a friggin' mattress, ok?

It's only 1/2 and inch long, the size of a lentil. (Apparently it didn't grow longer from week 6?)It's like a little jumping bean, hopping in fits and starts. The elbows are starting to develop and it has a fascination with bending and flexing them (ok, ok, so it doesn't have a working brain yet so I don't really believe that it's "fascinated", but there you go). The fingers start to devleop. The feet start to appear with tiny notches for the toes. They eyes and ears start to appear, although they look kind of like an alien, they'll get to where they're supposed to be, I'm sure. The liver is churning out large amounts of red blood cells, until the bone marrow takes over.

And me? I've only gained .2 of a pound. Weight thismorning was at 123.4.

Had a dream two nights ago that I wasn't talking to it enough.

And it was a boy.

All for now,


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