Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh My God.

I am so pregnant.

I'm saying the wrong words, getting tongue-tied, and being a bit absent-minded.

My brain isn't working normally.

Not that it ever worked normally, buy you get the drift.

I was just leaving a message for my friend Anne about the upcoming Kid Rock concert and as I was hanging up I said, "Ok, talk to you later LUCKY."

I meant to say Lovey. I said Lucky. What, have I been drinking today or something?

Nope, just pregnant.

I'm walking across the parking lot of the mall, spot my car, and stand there for almost 30 seconds wondering why I can't unlock it. 30 seconds! It took me that long to realize it wasn't my car.

Not even the same make.

PS: just watched a beluga giving birth. Looks easy enough.

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