Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something I've noticed over the past two or three days is that I'm getting a bit emotional.

Take four minutes ago for example. I found myself crying reading the Sports pages. The Sports Pages! (first of all, the Sports pages? I never even open that section.) Seriously, I got teary-eyed reading a story on Trevor Lindon retiring. Jesus.

And you know what else is up?

I'm actually wanting to spend time with my husband. We're having "quality time" on a daily basis these days. That never happens! (Editor's note: we're madly in love, it's just that we do our own things most of the time.) But it's happening now. And I'm enjoying it!

We have nightly movie nights. His brother is a movie fanatic, so once a month or so we get tonnes of DVD's from him. We usually watch one or two, then return the rest, but not these days! We're watching one each night. Staying up until midnight or 1am, cuddled up on the couch, watching movies. It's great (except "There Will be Blood"... that one did not deserve my attention nor staying up until 2am to finish. Daniel Day Lewis was freakishy fantastic as per usual, but I just didn't like the flick. Loved the story, just not the overall movie. Anyhoo, I digress...).

What I'm especially liking about hanging out with the husband is that in 33 weeks, we won't have that special time. Everything will be different. We'll have another little presence in the house, it will never just be me and him again. So I'm really enjoying our time together, really enjoying my husband, and really enjoying our movie nights together.

All for now,

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