Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 6!

God, this past week seemed like forever. I think it's because I'm posting each day. So I'm thinking about it and thinking about it, and trying to update with the latest (I mean, how many times can I talk about my boobs?) (Ok, alot.) (Because I've never been very well endowed and now all of a sudden I am. So I can talk for DAYS about the girls.) (But I won't.) news and symptoms. So I might not post every day, but I will post often.

Note: That was for my 1 reader.

So here we are at week 6.

I'm having very vivid and bizarre dreams. Nothing surprising there, I AM a crazy dreamer, but they are more lucid than normal. Kinda groovy. Last night's? I was a superhero, scaling down a highrise. Now that's cool.

An update on the symptoms: I'm still getting mild cramping now and again. Not waking up as much in the night, except to pee (from downing the metamucil before bed!). Still constipated. Not dizzy anymore. Still not much of an appetite. Not one for large meals at all, the thought of it makes my stomach turn. And so yes, stomach still turning.

New symptoms? Cranky and impatient. I'm totally blaming it on the pregnancy. Even though it could just be me. You'll never hear me say that again.

Still weigh 123.2 lbs.

The embryo is the size of a small bean, about 1/2" long. It's hands and feet look like paddles! It will make it's first movements this week and it's heart is beating at 150 beats/minute.

So I'm thinking the top one is at the beginning of the 6th week and the bottom one is at the end? I'm no doctor here, but for two pictures of a 6-week embryo, they look alot different! Personally, I'm thinking the bottom one is cuter, so that's the one I'm going with. (By the way, do you know the CRAZY stuff that comes back when you google image a 6-week embryo. Don't do it. It's heartbreaking. I'm sure it will get worse the further along too. And there are some crazy groups about stem-cell research that quote the bible. Or some bible (I've never read it myself). And anti-abortion groups (that also quote the bible). Hey, to each his own, I'm just sayin'.)

All for now.

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