Tuesday, September 16, 2008

21 Weeks today! There's nothing really remarkable about his growth this week. Well, except the fact that he's a baby. And he's growing inside me.

So here's where he's at: he's about the size of a banana. Hopefully he doesn't have that expression on his face. But if I have one more piece of chocolate zucchini cake, he may very well have! Now I understand why my girlfriend had five pieces of cake at my wedding. It's not that it was that good really, it's just that it was cake.

I'm a full believer that cake should be it's own food group. That's the bonus of so many birthday's on my husbands side. Always a different cake (except alot of the time there's little pieces of fruit inside and I don't like my fruit mixed with anything. I like my fruit naked.)

Where was I?

I may start to feel his hiccups at any time, which I'm totally looking forward to. I love it when I feel him in there; it totally puts me at ease, knowing things are as they should be. He's swallowing amniotic fluid now, which apparently helps his digestive system mature. His intestines are beginning to contract and relax. His heart is growing stronger, his legs are getting longer.

I'm starting to get to know him, which is weird in a way, no? I guess what I mean is that I'm starting to get to know his sleep and wake cycles. And that brings me comfort as well. And makes me feel a stronger bond. It's like all of a sudden, instead of it being pure biology, pure science, there's a personable side to it. I can identify more with the person, than the "developing fetus" kind of thing. He sleeps and he wakes and he kicks and he's about to start to hiccup. He goes through the motion of crying. He feels. He hears. He loves Chopin.

I just love this.

And so it's a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver (28 degrees!). It is so nice to still be sleeping with the windows open and having that fresh air wake you in the morning. So thismorning I stripped the bed, washed it all, and now it's out on the line. I walked into my room earlier and this is what I found:

Chicken and Ling Ling built a little cat fort while I wasn't looking.

Yeah, whatevs.
All for now,


Anonymous said...

Chicken and Ling Ling have too much time on their paws!!! That is so cute!!
I love reading your commentary. You should be writing a book!! I hope you keep this blog for baby Sawyer Graham in his later years!!!
Oh BTW... Have you come up with any names other then Sawyer yet???
Auntie Pat

Anonymous said...

Sawyer Lee!!

I love it!


Stephi said...

It will not be Sawyer and will not have anything to do with any sort of Sawyer. Now that THAT'S over...

We've got a couple of names we quite like, but are just going to see who he is when he shows up!

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