Thursday, September 18, 2008

Went to my first prenatal yoga class last night. It was delightful! And the best part was the instructor. Turns out, she's the sister of a close friend of mine. As soon as I saw that it was her teaching this class, I just knew that it would be the best and I signed up right away. She's so gentle and grounded and focused and full of love and LOVES BABIES, so I also knew that it wouldn't be strictly instructional with no feeling. And I was right!

She totally focused on the baby and our connection with our babies. I almost started to cry at one point when we were doing some breathing exercises to start and she said something along the lines of "feel your breath touching the baby, caressing the baby, feathering the baby". It was amazing. And she stressed the heart connection, and feeling our hearts in sync. It really set a beautiful tone for the rest of the evening.

Ok, so maybe that was the best part of the evening!

And it was a great workout! The little guy loved it. Looking forward to next week.

I start another class on Monday nights, closer to my home. It was the same one I took last year. Not as energetic unfortunately, but I'll get to meet more mom's-to-be and get a workout in, so I'm all good with that. Besides, it may be a different instructor. Who's to say?


A gal emailed me last night about circumcision. She didn't want to post a comment for fear that she'd make other mothers feel terrible about their decision. Personally, I'm not about to take on that sort of responsibility. If someone is going to feel terrible about a decision they made, that shows they weren't sold on it in the first place, or didn't do thorough research, or times have changed, or whatever. That's theirs to deal with, not mine...I've got enough to deal with, lol! If it was the right decision for them, whatever that decision was, then they won't feel horrible about it, because it was right. For them. And I applaud that. Her email did get me thinking about me though. I suppose, if one blogs for the world to see, they can't be too worried about pissing other people off (ie: my 3D ultrasound post) or creating a difference of opinion, or a bit of confrontation, or whathaveyou. And just to set the record straight... I'm not worried about pissing other people off. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I'm not worried about pissing people off. This blog isn't about anyone else but me and my pregnancy, and my journey. The opinions are mine. If you don't agree, that's fantastic! Send me a comment, let me know your viewpoint. It may very well be something that I'd like to know! A new piece of scientific information, or just a new piece of information for me. Something that I hadn't considered before. Send it along, please! Difference in opinion creates conversation. That's what creates movement and change in the world.

Good times.

All for now.

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