Monday, September 15, 2008

Donald felt the baby kick last night! I was checking email and listening to Chopin at about 1am and the little guy was just kicking up a storm. I put my hand on my belly and felt him for a while and just enjoyed (yes, at almost 21 weeks I can finally feel the kicks from the outside) and then I called out to Donald to ask him if he wanted to feel.

He hasn't really wanted to I don't think. Hasn't touched my belly at all. Not sure if it's a cultural thing, or if he just feels silly, or what (any Chinese men out there who care to comment? Or wives of Chinese men?). But not last night! He practically RAN into the bedroom and crawled in and put his hand on my belly and BAM, the little fella gave him a karate chop right in the centre of his palm! I was so happy he got to feel it, and just escatic that he was overjoyed with it all. He got a better feel and a better kick than I have so far!

Anyway, hopefully now he'll start to talk to him too. I know, I know, babies are resilient and will bond all the same, but wouldn't it be nice if the baby knew his father's voice in the delivery room?

Busy day today with Vegas stuff, lunch with my pregnant GF whom I'm SO excited to see! She's so busy that she hasn't had the time to see me since she told me she was pregnant too.... almost three months ago for crying out loud - and we're close to each other's place all the time! So today is a special day, I get to see my friend whom I miss terribly.

Then it's home for more packaging, transplanting some stuff in the yard tonight (if the D-Man gets home early enough) and then more research on strollers, cribs, circumcision (egads), vitamink K (still not sold on the idea), yada yada yada. Gotta find some maternity jammies at some point soon. I'm tired of wearing the same couple of teeshirts that are totally riding up my stomach. It's simply not warm enough, nor pretty enough, to look down and see my bare-belly staring back up at me! Well it is... just not with the ugly tee's I'm wearing! Feels like something out of a redneck comedty routine. No offense to rednceks....

(PS: the picture at the top of the post is a photoshopped image floating around the web.)

All for now.

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Anonymous said...

If you are thinking about circumcision - best to go watch one.

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