Tuesday, September 23, 2008

22 weeks!

Babycentre mentions that I may notice an increase in my appetite (for sure) but to try to find healthy substitutes if what you're craving is junk food.

So I guess the cinnamon bun and frozen yogurt at Ikea on the weekend was a no-no.

Hey, at least it was frozen yogurt!

Funny thing happened with mom last week. We were in the car waiting for a contest on The Beat 94.5 (I was trying to win a 23K gas card and new car) when I couldn't find my cell phone. "Where'd my phone go?" I said outloud.

Mom looks at me and says, "It's under your belly."

That's the first time I couldn't see under my belly. I guess I've now passed that point! It was hilarious.

And something else that happened, and it's SO EXCITING...I got home from yoga last night and we were watching Heroes (couldn't follow it. So disappointing.) and the little guy was kicking like mad in there. Seriously, he was going to town. He's either going to be a boxer, or a dancer. Not to project here, I hope he's not either, but hell, he'll be what he'll be.

So we're sitting there on the couch and I've got my hand on my belly following his movements and I realize they are alot stronger than they have been. Like, really strong for something that's only a foot long and just shy of a pound. (Hmmm, sounds like his first halloween costume might just be a hotdog!)

So I pull up my jammie top and watch my belly.

And it moved! My belly totally popped! I could see him kick! It was awesome! (If not a bit bizarre.) I kept watching and feeling and it was just amazing.

It beat the hell out of the premiere of Heroes.

He weighs almost 1 lb and measures 11 inches from crown to heel. He's bigger than I thought. He looks like a newborn now. Which helps me to visualize him, and bond even more. He's my little guy and he now looks like a baby instead of an alien.

Although I'd still love him if he looked like an alien.

(Ok, maybe not so much)

His eyelids and eyebrows are formed. He can hear more clearly (hope he didn't catch onto the fight we had two nights ago about nursery furniture! But I think the people in the next city could have heard us. Yes, I'm a bit emotional these days.)

My ankles are swelling. Not hugely, but there's definite swelling goin' on. I noticed it at yoga last night. Hmmmm....Not good, not bad, it just is what it is.

Belly pics coming again soon.

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alix said...

On the subject of food, specifically junk food, I have this to say. If the cinnamon bun gave you joy then it resulted in your releasing positive neurochemicals to the baby - not to mention happy vibes. This likely countered any and all negative impacts of refined sugar and flour. Remember, joy is an aspect of wellness and dark, organic chocolate is full of iron and anti-oxidents.

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