Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just got back from my first ever chiropractic adjustment. It was amazing. I left feeling more relaxed, limber, and, well, open I suppose, than I ever thought possible. Just amazing. And the baby loved it! The doctor was working on my ligament area (or something) and the little guy started kicking and moving around and so I told the doctor. He said, "it's because we're giving him more room now. He's getting more space in there." How delightful is that?! This doctor, Dr. Kevin Ehl, works with pregnant ladies, children, and I think animals. So he's very gentle, very respectful, very grounded. Was a great experience. Looking forward to my next visit. Check him out, and if you live in Vancouver or Lower Mainland, I highly suggest him. Just fantastic.

On another note, I was wondering where exactly my uterus is these days. I mean, where is it actually positioned in my body? The baby kicks down by my pelvis, and then the next millisecond, he's kicking up by my belly button, so just where is my uterus? Where is he in there?

Right here:

All for now, got a bunch of work to do to get ready to ship everything to Vegas in the morning.

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