Thursday, September 25, 2008

A couple quick things that are going on these days:

My boobs are gorgeous. They're just gorgeous. I can't get over them. I've never known a size other than 34A and now that I'm in the B's I can't stop looking at them. Veins and all. I wore a shirt out and about yesterday (ok, so I wore more than a shirt) and when I was checking myself in the car mirror before dashing into a store, I realized for the first time in my life I HAVE CLEAVAGE! I was so excited that I let out a little hollar of joy, but it was kinda sad also because I had nobody there to hug.

And at yoga last night (with my favourite yoga teacher EVER), when we put one hand over the heart, and the other hand over the belly, I had to re-route the heart-hand as I couldn't just slap in on my chest like I used to. I had to kinda nestle it in there. I laughed to myself - actually I think I chuckled outloud - again, in sheer joy.

Seriously, the boob thing? It's huge for me. No pun intented.

Another thing I noticed, just last night. The D-Man and I were settled in on the couch watching Criminal Minds (the best season premiere of anything so far. BUT, it IS Thursday so I've got ER and Grey's to review yet.) (And I'll tape The Office.) (Anyway, where was I?????)

Oh yes, so Donald and I were sitting on the couch and I went to reach for my laptop, only to realize that I can no longer just bend up to get something. Bending down is a no-go as well. I have to kinda shimmy to one side and either push myself up, or shimmy to one side, hang on to something, and bend down. It's hilarious.


My little niece, Asia, is coming home from the hospital tonight (2 months premature), so I'm off to buy her something delightful.



Anonymous said...

The Office...what can I say, my absolute favorite North American TV show. I not only watched it, but recorded it and watched it again. Love it! Favorite line of the season premiere: "Doesn't every boy grow up dreaming of his fairy tale wedding?" And it wasn't Michael folks!!


Anonymous said...

re: the Amby bed

I think they are awesome. I had one for Ruby when she was about 5 months old because co-sleeping wasn't working well anymore - she was waking up every hour or so. She loved it but couldn't get used to it the way she needed to, so I sold it to my friend. I got mine off Craig's List which is the best way because they are pricey if baby doesn't like it.

I'll send you a pic of Ruby-Dooby in it!

:) Nicola

Stephi said...

@M: I forgot to tape it!!!!! ARGH!!!!

@Nicola: I'm sold. I've heard nothing but fantastic things, especially that people wish they had of gotten them sooner. Found one on Craigslist for 150.00 & checking it out tomorrow. Good times. I want one!

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