Friday, September 12, 2008

My boobs are growing again!

I could end this post right now and feel terrific, but think I'll stick around for a few more minutes.

Still doing research on cord blood storage. My gf's husband found another place in Canada that stores it and fired off the link to me but I have yet to peek at it, I've been too busy researching eye ointment and why it's a must in BC (so I've found so far. Anyone know any different? I don't have an STD, I've been tested as part of the investigations after the last miscarriage. Leave a comment! Not on STD's, on eye ointment!), Vitamin K shots (which I'm accepting more after researching), blood tests, the moments after birth at BC Women's (which I'm happily impressed with so far except when they say "breastfeeding shortly after birth". What's "shortly after" to them? I want skin-on-skin before the cord is cut! Is it long enough to reach, I wonder?. And if it is, that's kinda creepy....). Just checkin' out all the newborn tests and procedures.

Anyhoo, alot going through my mind. I've started my list of questions for my next appointment.

Watched, "What Babies Want" last night with Donald. Fantastic documentary. Really eye-opening. Especially for Donald, I'm hoping.

The little guy is really kicking up a storm. I'm thinking you might be able to even feel him kick from the outside soon. They're getting stronger. He's active first thing in the morning and (mostly) in the evening. Especially around 10:30pm - he's just rockin' in there! He usually starts kicking when I play Chopin. Which leads me to believe he loves it, like his mom!

(or hates it)



* TONYA * said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment about our beautiful Bella.

I love the header to your blog ... of course you are the only one who's ever been pregnant :).

Gail said...

Pat says try country music and see what happens.

Stephi said...

@ Tonya, thanks for the note as well!

@ Gail, will do.... any reason to buy a new cd!

Anonymous said...

hey -

the eye ointment is not mandatory - nothing is. You have every choice in the world and your doctor NEEDS to give you options, not force you into anything.

the eye ointment prevents your baby from making any eye contact with you at all - and you are right, if you don't have any STDs, what exactly is it for?

the vitamin K shot is a very good measure if there is any bruising at all - Ruby had the shot - with all the information I received, it was definitely a great idea - better to be safe on that account.

the blood tests - you don't have to do it immediately... you can wait till you have a few moments to bond - Ruby had her blood tests on Day 2. There is no rush, unless, I guess you want to get the heck out of the hospital asap.

and yes, the cord is long enough and yes, you can request that they don't cut it until it has stopped pulsing - Ruby was on my skin nanoseconds after she was born. Midwives always wait to cut the cord.

and you can also request that they don't "clean" the baby up before you hold the little babe - there is nothing "dirty" about the baby and the reality is that the more they can soak in the leftover vernix, the healthier it is for their skin - it's natural moisturizer.

you're the Mama - you have lots of options. don't let the medical peeps tell you otherwise.

:) Nicola

Tracy said...

Great blog, Pregnant Stephanie. :)

Regarding cord blood banking, we did it with both our children. It's like an insurance policy. We did some research and ended up choosing Cord Blood Registry. If you end up with them, you're welcome to use our coupon code to save $250. The code is 0KRPV and you can redeem it at or 1-888-932-2029.

Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Stephi said...

@nicola - you are forever my Coles Notes version of anything I'm fretting about. Thanks my friend! You just sorted out 3 weeks of panic. Love you.

@tracy: thanks for the heads up on this place, AND THE COUPON!. I'll definitely check it out.

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