Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something I've been thinking about is cord-blood storage. My girlfriend and I were chatting about it last night as she's considering it too.

What's to lose?


What's to gain?

Possibly everything.

She found a company here in Canada called Lifebank that stores it. And it's not expensive. Surprisingly, only $2,750.00. And for eighteen years at that. I haven't looked at this site at all, just passing along info but will look more into it as I go along. (When I opened the website and said what I was doing, the baby starting kicking up a storm! So I'm thinking that he's saying YES Mom, YES!)

There are a few doctors and scientists that read this site, anybody have any comments, suggestions, advice? Please leave a comment.

Off to a harbour tour and lunch with mom for the day.


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