Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention the 20-week development info.

He is 6.5" and will weigh around 9oz by the end of this week. (I keep trying to imagine how he can be comfortable in there. And especially as he rolls around so much. He seems to travel great distances around my uterus! When I do feel the pokes, they're in different places, but usually on my left somewhere.)

He's covered with the white, fatty substance that you see on newborns, called vernix caseosa. Basically, it's to protect his skin as he's in the amniotic fluid for so long, and it also eases delivery.

Eases delivery.

Yeah, right. Nothing in this world can "ease delivery".

My belly is itchy. Alot of people start to notice the stretch marks around this time, but I haven't. I'm putting an oil on, from Escents Aromatherapy, every morning and evening and am hoping it will help. I guess if I'm itchy, I should put some more on.

Just found this pic: apparently THIS is how he fits in there:

All for now.


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