Monday, October 6, 2008

Dr. Seuss for the ESL.

I bought "Oh Baby the Places You'll Go" to read to the little guy in utero. Last night I went to bed around 1:15am (where DID the time go?) and the D-Man followed me in with the book. He wanted to read to him! So exciting!! I think Don was nervous because he's not a strong "out loud" reader. To make him feel more comfortable, after all, he was totally stepping out of his comfort zone for me and the baby, I told him (and this is embarrassingly true), that I found some of the Dr. Seuss words difficult.

Or perhaps I'm just not a great rhymer. Not a sing-songy type of gal. I'm not a poet, I'm not a fan of rap. Not a big rhyming person. Anyway, I digress...

So to make Donald more comfortable, and to warn him of what might be coming, I told him that I found some of the crazy words in Who-Ville difficult to spit out.

Followed by, "Hey, you're ESL, you can always blame that."


I'm not as freaked about Braxton Hicks after talking with mom last night. She said that you can't even feel them. I did read, however, that some people do feel them but for most women it's nothing serious, just a few stretchy contraction feelings inside. I hope to god she's right.

Anyone care to share their Braxton Hicks stories? Leave a comment!

I think I have the blood pressure mixed up. I had said that it was, as of last week at my monthly appointment, 80/140. That seems weird, so I'm not sure if I heard her properly. Donald had written down 102/140 and that sounds weird too. So I'm really not sure what it is, but will find out at the end of the month again at our next appt.

Weight gain: have only gained about 13 lbs to date. Perfect. I think I've gained some in my face as well, or maybe it's looking like that because of the "just got out of the shower" look in the picture below with still-half-wet-hair. Either way, this is me at 23 weeks. Turning 24 weeks tomorrow...

All for now.


Stephanie said...

Blood pressure is usually systolic over diastolic... BIG number over LITTLE number. Normal is around 120/80. So your diastolic (80) is fine... the systolic (140) is kinda high, but if your doctor wasn't concerned, I wouldn't be either... plus the fact we're unsure if you heard the numbers correctly. Something to remember for next appointment or if you're anywhere where you can get a free blood pressure check.

Anonymous said...

Those contractions that you are talking about are not like real contractions - it's like your whole belly/torso region just tightens up - kind of constricts - it's very cool - not remotely painful - at least it wasn't for me, but I can't recall anyone ever sharing any pain stories for BH contractions. No worries.

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