Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Had my weekly doctor's appointment this afternoon. Went over our birth preferences with her; she said the list looked pretty good. We aren't asking for crazy stuff, just general preferences. First on the list is Safety First, and second is Help my husband in his efforts to help me. So that pretty much set the "low-maintenance" tone. I also said "please" and "we'd prefer" and "if possible", etc, throughout and ended it with a big thank you and that we are totally open to suggestions and coaching from the nurses and staff involved.

The Group B Strep swab came back negative, so no antibiotics for me. Dr. Monaghan (Dr. Rhone is back for my appt. next week) felt around my belly and said he's pretty average size and if he was born now she figures he'd be between 6 - 7 lbs. So that made me relax a bit! We talked about epidurals - I want to make sure I can do three things:
  1. change my mind if I don't want one after all
  2. still walk around and feel enough to know when to push (when it feels natural to)
  3. up the dose if I choose!!!!!

It's a Yes to all three (although various dosage affects people differently), so I can let that one go now. I was so stuck on that, almost panicky actually. It's funny, some of the small things that drive you batty.

We've decided that we're going to pay for the Preferred Accomodations while we're there too. It's $150.00 but SO worth it. And it's covered by medical so we'll get that money back anyway. It eases my mind for a few reasons:

  1. same room for labor, delivery and remainder of stay
  2. same staff throughout stay. If there are 10 people that have to poke around my va-jay-jay for a few days, I'd rather it be the same 10 people, ya know?
  3. so calm! Calm, easy, gentle energy up there in that wing.
  4. bigger rooms. Donald and I would like everyone that wants to visit to come to the hospital instead of our home afterwards. These rooms are a great size, so there's lots of room for our huge family in there. We'd rather have our little guy at home, in his new home, getting to know us and not necessarily being passed around to alot of people in his first few weeks here. And we're private people (even though I'm broadcasting to the world!) and would prefer it to be just us three for a few weeks. Doesn't mean we don't love our friends and family, just means we're putting our own family first.

I weigh 153 (up 3 lbs from last week and 30 lbs gained overall). I think it's hilarious that I weight that much, but it's great that I didn't gain a crazy amount.

He's dropped much lower now. I'm not as short of breath as I've been throughout. AND the heartburn has eased up a bit. YAY! But wanna know something weird? I can feel his head way down there. And when he changes position or just moves or whatever he's doing in there, I can feel it. Way. Down. There. I can physically feel his head move.


But delightful.

The cats know something is up -that the time is getting nearer. They're BOTH sleeping with me at night now. And when I say, "with me", I mean, "on me". Chicken sleeps up on my arm/shoulder with her little face next to my ear and paw on my cheek, and Ling Ling sleeps between my legs and 1/2 on my belly/pelvis. She can't quite reach the top of the belly, unless I'm on my side totally and then she's on the belly with Chicken on the shoulder. It's the strangest thing. Anyone have pet & pregnancy stories to share? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear!

Welcome to Lisa, the newest follower. Lisa, you MUST blog about your dogs, you have the BEST! And you're such a great foster mom to the little ones (and big) you bring into your home. Even just a photo blog with your comments for the world to see and share in! Thanks for following!

That's it for tonight!



alix said...

Hey Steph,

Good news as usual. I know it's going to be amazing!

You might want to check out with some other moms about walking with an Epidural. This would be a great question to throw out because I think the experience is pretty varied.

I put the package in the mail so you should get it early next week. The little packing chips are made of corn and can reuse too.


Anonymous said...

You are so prepared!! Keep up the good work.
Auntie Pat

Stephi said...

@Alix: good idea, I'll twitter the question re: epidurals to get input from moms too.

@Auntie Pat: Prepared? I don't know about that, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Epidurals: I thought I could walk after I had my epidural, so attempted to go to the bathroom by myself, (something I had been doing for a good long time, heehee!). I made it there, but couldn't make it back, no feeling in my legs. As far as pushing, you don't normally push until you are 10cm dialated, at which time you no longer self-medicate with the epi, so you are able to read your body's signals.

Pets: My first indicator that I might be pregnant was the way my cat Smokey reacted to me. He had always been loving , but when I got pregnant he was very possessive, clingy and all around proud of himself, as if he'd had something to do with it. And somehow my reaction to his behaviour, his message was to question whether I could be expecting...which of course I was. Then I did research and in fact it is common for pets to know before the caregivers do themselves.

Keep up all the great work, I am very proud of you!

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